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The Jags Foundation

About Us

The Jags Foundation is a football supporters’ association, consisting of more than 1680 Partick Thistle fans (and counting).

Democratic members' organisation

We are a democratic organisation, run by and for our members.

Our leadership group (the board of directors) is elected by our members.

We are accountable to you and seek to represent the full diversity of the Thistle fanbase as best we can.

Representing and influencing

We represent our members as part of the new “corporate trustee” model of fan ownership at Thistle.

TJF is a trustee of the PTFC Trust, the legal vehicle that holds 68% of the voting shares in the Football Club.

All of our members over the age of 16 are beneficiaries of the PTFC Trust. TJF members make up roughly two-thirds of the fan owners at Partick Thistle.

The Club-Trust Agreement gives TJF members, and other beneficiaries, a vital say on the things that matter at our Football Club. This includes protections of the majority shareholding and Firhill.

Fan representation is now embedded at Club Board level too. TJF’s Board nominates one of its elected representatives to serve on the Club Board (currently Stuart Callison).

Additionally, since May 2024 there are two elected fan representatives, voted in by beneficiaries of the PTFC Trust (including TJF members).

As the largest membership group of Partick Thistle fans, TJF leads on fan consultation exercises. Our members can shape the fan experience by participating in our regular surveys and votes, which inform Club priorities. 


TJF is a relentless fundraising vehicle to support the Football Club.

Our primary fundraising is done through membership subscriptions and donations, but we also sell Foundation merchandise (including Thistle Pins) and run other fundraising events and initiatives.

In season 2023-24 we introduced the pledge – a monthly commitment to support the Football Club financially.

Ahead of season 2024-25, our members voted to increase this pledge from £10kpm to £12.5kpm.

The pledge is absolutely vital to help put the Club on a more sustainable financial footing.


We are proud to support the wider Thistle and North Glasgow community.

Part of this means building the Thistle community beyond Saturdays at Firhill.

This includes hosting events for fans, supporting the Partick Thistle Women’s team (with a £5k pledge for 2024-25) and working in partnership with Jags For Good and the PT Charitable Trust.

TJF also helps support the Partick Thistle Youth Academy, with a £2k per month pledge to support the conveyor belt of future Partick Thistle players.


Our Aims

The one thing that every Jags fan can agree on is that we want the club to be more successful on the field, which means increasing income.

We do NOT see fan ownership as simply “business as usual”, just with a few new faces involved. Our ambition is to re-establish Partick Thistle at the top level of Scottish football.

Fan ownership isn’t about taking decisions on team selection. It’s not about deciding on the caterers.

Fan ownership is not an easy or a soft option, but it must give fans the decisive say in what the priorities should be for those managing the club day to day.

More fans = more money = better results.

The Jags Foundation can really help to build our supporter base.

With your help and support we can build the momentum and help the club get back to where it belongs.

Our Club, Our Future, Our Hands