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The Foundation’s main source of income is members subscriptions. We would strongly urge every fan who feels able to sign-up as a regularly contributing member. At the same time, you can choose whether to add a recurring donation over and above that.

We know, however, that people’s circumstances change, and that they may also want to contribute on a more irregular basis. You can use this page to make a one-off, monthly or annual contribution separately from any membership subscriptions.

Donations help the Foundation in three key ways. Firstly, they build-up the financial reserves of the Foundation, helping to strengthen its position as a responsible and prudent fan ownership vehicle. Secondly, they enable us to carry out more activities to grow the membership and do other kinds of fundraising. Thirdly, and most importantly of all, they provide the opportunity for us to support the Football Club we all love and the wider community of which it is a part.

If you feel able, please make a donation to the Foundation today. If you have any questions, please email us at

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