Thank You

The Partick Thistle support really are a special group of people.

At TJF, knowing that the financial situation at the Club was challenging has weighed on our minds for some time. We knew the truth had to come out, but we were nervous as to how the fans would respond to it.

We needn’t have been.

We never failed to answer when we were called

Phenomenal response

In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen TJF’s membership increase by more than 200, breaking through the 1250 barrier earlier this afternoon. This keeps growing faster and higher than we could have hoped.

We’ve also seen just as many existing members increase or supplement their level of financial support. This is so tremendously heartening and gives us cause for optimism, even in the most difficult of situations.

We cannot say enough how grateful we are for your support. Thank you.

Fan power in Action

We mentioned yesterday some of the financial support we planned to provide to the Football Club, to help restore its margin of safety and to support its future budgets.

Today we made a £50k donation to the Club, as the downpayment on our long-term fundraising commitment.


From July onwards, we intend to make further monthly contributions of £10k. This level of commitment is only possible at this stage because of the increased levels of support from you, our members, in the last 48 hours.

We will be engaging in much more fundraising activity in the coming months, which we would encourage you to participate in, but your efforts so far have made our stretch targets much more achievable. Let’s smash through those targets and show how fan ownership can be made to work at our Club.

Increasing your pledge

We completely appreciate that times are tough and that there are competing pressures on family budgets. But if you are in a position to do so, it would make a huge difference if you were to increase your monthly contribution to TJF.

If you currently pay £1 or £5 per month for your membership, you can “upgrade” to a £10 per month membership by dropping us an email.

If you already pay £10 per month, you can set-up a recurring supplementary donation, or make a one-off donation, using our donation page. Please note this will be on top of your existing contribution rate and will not replace it.

If you’re not sure what your existing level of contribution is, you can check first by dropping us an email.

Our Annual General Meeting

Fan ownership is about us as fans taking responsibility in safeguarding our Club for future generations. One important way we do that is through having a well-governed supporters’ organisation. TJF has its AGM on Thursday 15th June.

If you want to attend or participate, make sure to read more on our website. The deadline for requesting Zoom access is Tuesday evening.

The Summer Barbecue

Last year we ran an extremely successful summer barbecue event for members. We are planning to do the same again. Keep an eye on our socials for more details soon!