We wanted to clarify our position on yesterday’s protests as there has been some ambiguity, not least caused by Gerry Britton’s radio interview with BBC Scotland.

TJF itself had no part in the organisation, or encouragement, of the protest that took place.  However, the objects and aims of our organisation clearly state that TJF will:

“encourage and promote the principle of supporter representation in football clubs and democratic ownership of them.”

At the core of our values is proper fan ownership, and fan empowerment. It therefore is not for us to discourage fans protest where those protests are aligned to the pursuit of those objects and aims.

We gave individual board members the choice whether to support and/or attend the protest. We think on such an emotive issue, that was the right thing to do.

We also do not believe it is right to blame those protesting for the situation we find ourselves in now. They have chosen to protest only after reaching a point of exasperation with the Club and the PTFC Trust.

TJF raised concerns with the Trust several weeks ago that this might happen if they didn’t start to listen and work with us and the wider support. They did not reply to those concerns.

There is a crisis at our Football Club. Pretending that there isn’t one won’t make it go away.