As we set out in our long-form document yesterday, the “negotiations” with Three Black Cats (3BC) restarted on Monday 20th June, with a face-to-face meeting. We were asked for a number of documents ahead of that meeting.

One of the documents we provided (though were not actually asked for) was a Vision Statement. Over and above the boring but technical bits of corporate governance and legal process, we wanted to set out to Jacqui Low and Peter Shand what we saw as the purpose of the Foundation. We have decided to share that document with you, in its original form.

We think it reflects the basic values of what makes a good members organisation and a good fan ownership vehicle. We are told that the (still anonymous) group that is the preferred recipient of 3BC’s shares is “fan-centric” in its proposals. Perhaps our members would like to benchmark their plans for the Club against our own.