We’ve been overwhelmed  by the fantastic response so far with over 900 Thistle fans having got on board for this adventure.

We’ll be keeping in touch you along the way but it would seem appropriate to let you know what our plans are for the coming year.  

Our objective is to ensure that The Jags Foundation becomes a robust, open and inclusive organisation underpinned by democratic principles which can welcome all Thistle fans under the one roof.  An organisation worthy of becoming the club’s majority shareholder.

We still have a way to go before we can begin to claim to have met that objective.  So the question you will be asking is; how we are going to get there?

We have agreed an outline plan for the coming year which is split into different segments;

  • Our immediate priority is to get the necessary infrastructure in place to support our ongoing activities.  Bank accounts, record-keeping systems and suchlike

  • Once these are in place, we’ll then be asking you to join up more formally to The Jags Foundation as a member with voting rights. 

    This will be based on a monthly subscription.  We’ll be making sure that the minimum subscription is affordable to attract as many Thistle fans as possible.  At the same time we won’t discourage anyone who wants to make a larger contribution.

    All monies raised over and above the running costs of the Jags Foundation will be used for the benefit of Partick Thistle Football Club and you will have a say in how this is used. We will be looking to ensure that our running costs are as tightly managed as possible.

  • We will be aiming to have our first Annual General Meeting later in the year.  This will include the first elected members to the Jags Foundation board, as well as formally agreeing some of the work carried out by the current board, most notably the more detailed Articles Of Association which will govern how we operate as a private company

  • We have already started liaising with the club on matters of common interest in this ongoing process.  Michael Robertson has been appointed by the club board as our point of liaison.  This is a move that we welcome as it ensures a clear distinction between the different perspectives of the club and Three Black Cats.

    Ultimately, our aim is that we will reach a formal agreement which will help govern how the club and the Jags Foundation will work constructively together after the transfer of shares has taken place
  • All through this, we will continue to reach out to Thistle fans to consult on our plans and to let you know of our progress.  We are currently working out details for this which we will share with you as soon as it is available.

As you can see there is a lot of work to be done, but we are all looking forward to helping to turn Colin Weir’s wishes into a reality.  Thanks again for joining us on this exciting adventure.

If you haven’t signed up you can do so HERE

Gavin Taylor

Chairman, The Jags Foundation