It has been brought to our attention that Stewart MacGregor, of Ark Sport, approached at least one other fan at the Cove game today and informed them that the share transfer to PTFC Trust will go ahead next week.

This is the same Stewart MacGregor who has publicly and privately insisted that he had no involvement with the PTFC Trust bid beyond helping to bring mutual acquaintances together. We think that there is a clear conflict of interest for someone in his position to facilitate a deal of this kind in the first place. His business interests with Ark Sport make him unsuitable to be involved in a deal like this, especially given several of his clients play football in Scotland and some of them are under contract at Thistle.

If this information that has been passed to us is true, this proposal is completely unacceptable. The PTFC Trust has been completely silent on providing further information about its plans for over a fortnight. There remain a vast array of unanswered questions about how the deal came about, and what it will actually entail going forwards.

On Monday, we sent a questions document to the PTFC Trust, asking for clarity on a range of important matters. We requested a substantive response by Friday, but no answers to those questions were forthcoming. We will be publishing that document first thing tomorrow morning for all Thistle fans to consider. We also understand that several other fans have tried to contact the PTFC Trust on their email address to ask questions, but have received no response.

This share transfer should not be allowed to go ahead, and we will, as a matter of urgency, be contacting the Scottish Football Association to raise concerns about this clandestine process.

If the information we have been given is incorrect, we urge the Club and the PTFC Trust to make public statements tonight denying that the share transfer is expected to go ahead imminently.