Back in early August we gave formal notice of our first general meeting (EGM). It will take place on Thursday 1st September at 7pm in Maryhill Burgh Halls. You have until the end of Friday 26th August to request to participate via Zoom, and until 7pm on Wednesday 31st August to submit a proxy request for someone to attend and vote on your behalf. The formal business to be transacted is the approval of our new Articles of Association by the members.

We do not anticipate that this will detain the meeting for long, though we are happy to answer questions you may have about these, ideally ahead of the meeting if possible. Thereafter, we intend to run three additional items of slightly less formal business.


Firstly, our Chair, Sandy Fyfe, will do a little bit of “scene setting” – providing an update about where we are in the fan ownership journey and what potentially lies ahead.

Panel – Delivering Fan Ownership at Hearts and St Mirren

There will then be a panel segment, where you will have the opportunity to hear some perspectives of people involved in the fan ownership process at other clubs. We will have three panellists:

  • Louise Strutt is a chartered financial planner and tax advisor and joined the Foundation of Hearts board in 2015.
  • David Nicol and Colin Orr served for several years on the board of SMISA, and played a key role in getting the fan ownership deal at St Mirren over the line. David also served as one of the St Mirren Club Board directors, as a SMISA representative.

If you would like to put specific questions to the panel, it would be helpful if you could email those to us in advance of the EGM (in the interests of time) though there may be the opportunity to ask specific questions on the night. We are keen to avoid duplication where possible.

TJF Board Q&A

As promised, there will then be the opportunity to put questions to the TJF Board. As before, if you could submit questions in advance, this will help us to avoid duplication and make best use of the time available, but you will also be able to ask questions on the night. We hope these exchanges will help to inform the best way forward for TJF, and we may informally “ballot” members about more specific proposals in the aftermath of the EGM.

Ahead of the EGM we also hope to publish a summary of our findings from the members survey. If you haven’t completed this yet, please check your emails and make sure that you do no later than this weekend.

Make sure you’re a member!

To attend the EGM you will need to be a member of The Jags Foundation. This is important, because we are taking key decisions about the future of the organisation. If you are not already a member, it is really easy to sign-up, and you can do so from as little as £1 per month for your first year.