Since the Public Information meeting on Feb 23rd, we have received a lot of feedback on the data shared and queries raised. One of the points of feedback was in the irregularity of updates from TJF, despite a lot going on, it was felt that at least a bi-weekly (once every two weeks) update would be appreciated by the members. This is the first of those.

First up is a brief note to update you on where we are in the discussions with Three Black Cats and the Club on The Jags Foundation taking the “Colin Weir Shareholding”. 

A contingent from TJF met with the Chairman, Chief Exec and two PTFC board members on Thursday 17th March. During that meeting we updated everyone on the public meeting, the current status of TJF and on the feedback received during the public meeting. This was a constructive meeting with two major actions highlighted; 

1) An item raised included financial queries based on published accounts that some fans and TJF thought would be prudent to ask from public available data. This included matters relating to the pitch, the main stand and the overall operating budget. 

The PTFC board agreed that if TJF wished to compose a Q+A sheet (that could be shared with our members) based on those queries and the various interpretations given, that they would quite happily check those answers and offer correction if necessary. Upon receiving the club’s response we will duly feedback that to our members. 

2) At the same time, we also presented the 1st draft of the “Working Together” document, this will be the guidelines and rules in how TJF and the club will interact. There be a continuous process to hone that document into its final working edit. 

We will continue these meetings on a regular basis and update the membership appropriately. 

Other points to note:-

As you may be aware Gavin Taylor stepped down as Chairman from TJF due to work commitments but stays on board as a Director. Gavin has also relinquished his role on the PTFC board, this is now an open position to be filled by a TJF appointee. In the meantime, we have appointed David Brown as Director and Chairman of TJF. We welcome him to the role. 

The inaugural TJF AGM will now be held later in the year when we have advanced the Working Together process and can duly advise all the members of the next steps. At this point it would also be prudent to ratify Gavin’s replacement on the PTFC board 

All of the roles within TJF are voluntary and like you we are driven by the desire for success of Partick Thistle. We would really appreciate additional help to achieve our goal of securing the majority shareholding and building for that success. E.g. right now we would like to secure some skill sets within the Marketing and Social Media arena. Our current membership stands at just below 500, this is way below our targeted threshold of 1000 members. If you could offer some time to assist in anyway, please contact us by email. 

We have been actively canvassing the fans over the past three home games, you may have had a leaflet thrust into your own hands, and what has become clear is some fans are still not fully aware in what we are trying to achieve with TJF but each discussion we believe brings that clarity and hopefully signed up members. If you could potentially support us by joining our directors on match days to galvanize our support and perhaps tell others of why you joined and what you expect as “majority shareholder” please contact us. We are in a very unique position of being able to become a “fan owned” football club securing our legacy and building our future but we don’t have all the answers. This is your organization and we rely on your feedback, communications and engagement to make sure we fulfill that goal. Please continue to do so. 

Thanks for all your support. Mon the Jags.