Firstly, can we just thank you for all the support we have received in light of Saturdays announcement from 3BC and the PTFC Board/CEO. Along with that support, there are the obvious calls for what next?

What we are not going to do is get involved in a tit for tat spat with the club at such an important point in the season as that helps no-one.

TJF are not just the directors who have been handling these discussions and the direct interface to 3BC and PTFC.  TJF is a democratically constructed organisation with 456 members. We are very proud to represent you and of the fact that we have collectively managed to galvanise the support and to build the organisation up, securing its own funding with very little support from the club itself.

We still believe that we are the only entity in existence that is in a position to take ownership of Colin Weir’s legacy gift to the fans and deliver true fan ownership along the same principles as apply to other fan-owned clubs like Motherwell, Hearts, St Mirren and many others.

If the clash of personalities between the current directors of TJF and 3BC/PTFC board are as insurmountable as they appear to be then we have no hesitation in standing down and for our positions to be filled by other members.  Consequently, we will conduct a ballot of members to elect a new board.  We still stand aside on completion of that process.

This is your organisation. This is your club.  However, we are playing with 3BC’s ball.

We will send out further information in the very near future with details about how nominations can be submitted to take part in this election.  We estimate it will take about six weeks between calling for nominations and being able to declare a result.  The board has already selected an online provider of balloting services which shall be used for this election. 

We are also taking steps to pause subscription payments in the meantime.  A further communication will be sent once this has been done.  This will allow the new board to be elected, and for them to share their vision of progressing the case for real fan ownership.  

Thank you for all your support.

The Board of TJF