The Jags Foundation is delighted to announce that its members have approved a new strategic partnership with the Thistle Weir Youth Academy.

703 members voted on two distinct but related proposals for TJF to provide support to the Youth Academy.

The consultation questions

Members were asked to give their verdict on two questions.

Question 1: Do you agree that TJF 1876 Limited should accept the appointment as Director of the Thistle Weir Youth Academy?

Question 2: Do you agree that TJF 1876 Limited should commit £2,000 per month to the Academy whilst that remains affordable?

The results

No to both Directorship and Funding

8 members

Yes to Directorship
No to Funding


10 members

No to Directorship
Yes to Funding


15 members

Yes to both Directorship and Funding

670 members

Next steps

As a result of your decision, TJF will now take steps to implement the Youth Academy pledge. We will advise members further when this is up and running.

If you would like to increase your pledge to TJF, in order to support this new financial commitment, you can do so using the button below.

On the corporate governance side of things, we will also advise members as and when TJF formally takes up the appointment as a director.

We will also be in touch soon about volunteering opportunities in connection with the strategic partnership.

Learn more

Our recent members’ email update provides more detail behind TJF’s new strategic partnership with the Youth Academy.

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We’ll be consulting our members on various aspects of the fan and matchday experience throughout the season, making sure that fan ownership has a positive impact.

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