TJF Elections 2023

The Jags Foundation is nothing without its members. It is vitally important that our leadership group is elected and accountable to our members. That is why we hold director elections, ahead of each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

All nine directors currently in post were elected in May 2022. Three of those directors will see their terms expire at the 2023 AGM (Thursday 15th June 2023).


Thursday 18th May

Nominations open

Members will be emailed a link to the nominations form

Wednesday 24th May

Nominations close

Nominations received after this date will not be valid

Thursday 25th May

Candidates announced

Thursday 1st June

E-ballots issued

Only those with a valid membership as at Thursday 18th May will receive a ballot from ChoiceVoting

Wednesday 14th June at 10pm

Voting deadline

Only e-ballots cast before this deadline will be counted

Thursday 15th June

Results announced and Directors appointed

Election results will be announced at the AGM

Election Rules and Guidelines

The rules for TJF elections are set out in two places.

First, there are the Articles of Association. These set out key rules for eligibility to be a director.

Second, there are the Election Rules and Guidelines. These were approved back in February 2023 by the current TJF Board.

Anyone considering standing for election should read these carefully. If you have any questions about the Articles, rules or guidelines, or the election more generally, please contact the Secretary (

Key Points

Who is eligible to vote in the elections?

All active members (as at the end of Wednesday 17th May)

Who is eligible to stand to be a director?

Any member who is not prohibited by law from being a director of a limited company

How do I submit a nomination?

Complete the nominations form (which will be emailed to all members)

How do I withdraw a nomination?

Email the Returning Officer (

How do I cast my vote?

All members will be emailed an e-ballot by ChoiceVoting

What is the voting system?

TJF elections use Approval Voting

What is Approval Voting?

Each member will be able to vote for up to three candidates. The three candidates with the most votes will be elected.