January is an important time in the football season. It is an opportunity for clubs to adjust their priorities in terms of the playing squad, to get an edge over their opponents. Fine margins can make a huge difference to a team’s fortunes, both on and off the park. Not every decision pays off, but it’s better to have options than not.

Fundraising for the Club to date

TJF has grown a strong income base and cash reserves, especially considering it only started raising funds just over a year ago. Members’ subs, supplementary donations, and even the sale of Thistle Pins, have all contributed to that strong position.

This has already enabled us to inject funds into the club through sponsorship initiatives, including the John Lambie Stand sponsorship in December and the sponsorship of Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie against Dunfermline Athletic.

Additional support in the January window

We have decided (in addition to those sponsorship initiatives) to give the Club the best possible chance of a strong league finishing position, and to make a significant additional contribution to the Club. It is our understanding, having discussed this with the Club Board, that these funds will be made available to the player budget, to give Ian McCall greater flexibility in the current window.

This will bring the Foundation’s cumulative direct funding to the Club, in recent weeks, to more than £25k. Thanks to our members for their subscriptions and donations which give us the ability to support the Club in this way.

What’s next?

We have never said that fan fundraising is the only part of the jigsaw in building a successful and sustainable Partick Thistle. However, it is an important part.

Our relationship with the Club has improved drastically with the recognition of the role fan fundraising can play. We hope today’s announcement will encourage those who have not done so yet to join the Foundation, and to help us sustain and grow this support for the Club we all love and want to see succeed.