The Jags Foundation are proud to launch our new website.

In utilising the services of 41 Sports Media, a company led by a lifelong Thistle fan, we kept the design and creation of our website firmly inside the Partick Thistle family. We are confident that you will be as delighted with the end result as we all are.

It was important to us to tap into the wide and varied skillset within the Thistle support to assist us with this important communication tool. It underlines the broad range of skills that is contained within our support. A broad range of skills that will be an essential resource as we
continue on the journey towards Partick Thistle Football Club becoming a fan owned club, and beyond.

This website, plus our social media channels, will be the place to follow the news and progress of The Jags Foundation along that journey.

You can register your interest in The Jags Foundation today by entering your details via the Sign Up button on our home page. In time you will be able to sign-up to become a member of The Jags Foundation but in the meantime registering your interest will allow us to make more direct contact with you and keep you up to date with our activities and progress.

The Jags Foundation Board