The Club-Trust Agreement has entered into force. This historic agreement gives Partick Thistle a robust legal structure for its fan ownership model. It puts democracy at the heart of the most important decisions affecting the Football Club.

Later this year, beneficiaries of the PTFC Trust will get to elect at least two fan representatives to the Football Club Board. This is a major milestone, as it puts multiple fan voices at the heart of strategic decision-making at the Football Club, making it more fan-centred and providing a direct line of accountability to a body of more than 2,400 Thistle fans.

Beneficiaries will also get to vote to approve or reject any investment proposal that would affect the share structure of the Football Club. This protects the fan ownership shareholding against dilution without the consent of the fans themselves.

Quality assurance

Earlier today, the PTFC Trust emailed everyone on its beneficiary database, asking them either to confirm or update the details that we hold about them. This quality assurance exercise is intended to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote is included, and that the principle of one beneficiary, one vote is properly respected.

Getting the membership database right is important, and we want as many beneficiaries as possible to confirm or update their details. As an incentive and a thank you, therefore, the Trust will enter everyone to confirm or update their details by 5pm Sunday 31st March into a prize draw to receive a signed PTFC shirt.

Who is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary of the PTFC Trust is anyone over the age of 16 who is any of the following:

  • a season ticket holder
  • a member of The 71 Club
  • a member of The Jags Foundation
  • a member of The Jags Trust

Didn't get the email?

There are typically four situations in which we, the PTFC Trust, might not currently hold the details of a season ticket holder:

    • multiple season tickets were purchased in the same online transaction (so all are under the same email address)
    • a season ticket was purchased over the phone or in-person (and no valid email provided)
    • someone holds an U16 season ticket, but turned 16 during the 2023-24 season
    • consent was previously withheld to being contacted by email

If this applies to someone, it means they will likely not have received the email we sent out earlier today. If this applies to a season ticket-holder that you know, please ask them to email, providing their full name, preferred email address and proof of 2023-24 season ticket purchase/renewal. Once verified with the Club, we can add them to our database and they will be able to exercise their rights as a beneficiary.

Opting out

Any beneficiary can opt-out from receiving communications from the PTFC Trust at any time, and can request the deletion of their personal data from the database by emailing However, this will prevent the PTFC Trust from contacting them about any future beneficiary votes or other fan ownership news.