As indicated in our previous announcement we have now made arrangements to effectively pause payments for members of The Jags Foundation.

Things are never as straightforward as they seem so it is worth some further explanation depending on how you have been paying is worthwhile.

Paying by Direct Debit

Our direct debit payments are managed by GoCardless on our behalf.  Owing to the close integration with Beacon, our database partners, we can’t pause the payments as such.

What we can do is cancel payments as they fall due for submission to bank accounts and we have set up a process to manage this.  You will receive a communication via GoCardless to advise that the payment has been cancelled.

However, your mandate remains active so no further action will be necessary on your part as and when payments are to recommence.

Paying by Credit/Debit Card

Our card payments are managed by Stripe on our behalf.  All payments are paused, and require no further action on our behalf.

New Members

We are continuing to attract new members, and are extremely grateful for the continuing support. Again, how the pause in payments impacts on the initial payment depends on how they have set up payment authorities.

  • If paying by direct debit, the payment is able to be cancelled whilst the mandate remains active, as described above. 
  • If paying by credit/debit card, the first transaction happens at the point of submission and cannot be cancelled. However, all subsequent payments will be paused.

If you have any further queries on this issue, please contact