TJF in the Media

Glasgow Times/The Herald

James Cairney (@JamesCairneyHT) of The Herald and Glasgow Evening Times has covered the fan ownership issue at Thistle extensively. Here are some of his most notable pieces, including analysis and interviews.


James Cairney interviews Sandy Fyfe and Graeme Cowie on the way forward for TJF following the announcement that the shares have been transferred to PTFC Trust, 5th October 2022

James Cairney interviews the PTFC Trust trustees about the share transfer, their lack of engagement with fans, and outstanding questions about their corporate governance and proposals, 25th September 2022

James Cairney interviews Stewart MacGregor of Ark Sport, the football agent involved with the pulling together of the new PTFC Trust trustees, 22nd September 2022

James Cairney interviews two PTFC Trust trustees about their proposals for fan ownership, following their unveiling as the preferred recipient for the shares, 27th August 2022

James Cairney’s analysis pieces in the aftermath of Three Black Cats rejecting TJF’s proposal for fan ownership

James Cairney reports on the fan response to the rejection of the initial TJF Board by Three Black Cats

James Cairney reports on the original agreement between 3BC and TJF to deliver fan ownership by June 2022

The Times


In November 2022, John Greechan of The Times took up the fan ownership story

Ian MacKinnon spoke to John Greechan about the break-down in trust between the fans and the Club and PTFC Trust, calling on key figures to step aside

Radio and Podcasts

BBC Sport Scotland have, more recently, started to give the Thistle fan ownership situation more attention, including on Sportsound.

Andrew Holloway spoke to Kheredine Idessane ahead of the Kelty Hearts game in the Scottish Cup on Saturday 26th November 2022.

The game was boycotted by hundreds of Thistle fans, and the John Lambie stand emptied, with the lowest attendance for a Scottish Cup game in modern times at Firhill. The fans made their view abundantly clear.

Kheredine also interviewed Gerry Britton, the Club CEO, and received a statement from the PTFC Trust.

With credit to BBC Sport Scotland, you can listen back here.


Draw Lose or Draw is the Thistle community’s established fan-led podcast. We’re always happy to be invited on to talk about on and off-field developments at Thistle.

Episode 114: The Jags Foundation Interview, 25th November 2022

  • Heather Iona Holloway and Ian Mackinnon give a wide-ranging interview about the fan ownership situation and what next for TJF

Episode 99: Perennial Banter Yearists (41:25 to 51:00), 18th August 2022

  • Heather Iona Holloway is a DLD guest, discussing the way forward for TJF following the rejection of our fan ownership proposal
Episode 98: Don’t Count Your Chickens (1:10 to 25:10), 11th August 2022
  • Stuart Callison is a DLD guest, discussing the implications of the 3BC statement that TJF would not be the preferred recipient for the shares
Episode 88 – Dug Meat (20:25 to 1:00:45), 14th April 2022
  • Stuart Callison (then a former TJF Board member) is a DLD guest, giving his reaction to 3BC breaking off the original fan ownership proposals with TJF

The Terrace Podcast brings together the best of Scottish football fans and journalism for an irreverent look at the national game. We’ve been invited onto their pod to talk about Thistle’s off-pitch predicament.

What’s going well for Partick Thistle on the park despite resentment off it, 21st October 2022

  • James Cairney talks to Craig Fowler about on-and-off-field matters at Thistle, including the fan ownership situation

What is going on at Partick Thistle?, 10th August 2022

  • Graeme Cowie speaks with Duncan McKay about the 3BC decision to reject the TJF proposal for fan ownership
Off the park concerns at Thistle, 15th April 2022
  • Graeme Cowie speaks with Duncan McKay about the off-pitch problems at Partick Thistle following 3BC’s rejection of the original TJF Board

Graham Speirs, renowed Scottish sports journalist, runs a podcast called the Press Box. We are pleased to have been invited onto his show to bring the Thistle story to a wider audience.

Fan-ownership at Partick Thistle: what the hell is going on in Maryhill?, 22nd September 2022
  • Andrew Holloway and Ian Mackinnon speak with Graham Speirs about the decision of 3BC to gift the majority shareholding to the PTFC Trust

Partick Thistle are STILL not fan-owned: What’s going on?, 20th April 2022

  • Andrew Holloway and Martin Dempsey speak with Graham Speirs about fan efforts to revive TJF as the only credible vehicle to deliver fan ownership

The Scottish Football Show (@TSFSpodcast) looks at Scottish Football with journalistic and fan insight.

We were welcomed onto their show to talk about Thistle and the fan ownership situation.

It Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test (31:10 to 45:08), 28th September 2022

  • Ian Mackinnon speaks with Andrew Slaven and Euan Booth Robertson about the controversial share transfer to PTFC Trust

The Price of Football Podcast (@POF_POD) looks at the economics behind the beautiful game. They welcomed us on to discuss the curious goings on at Firhill.

Wigan late paying players’ wages again, Partick Thistle supporters’ association The Jags Foundation interview (24:45 to 45:50), 27th October 2022
  • Ian Mackinnon speaks with Kieran Maguire and Kevin Hunter Day about the situation at Partick Thistle