The following is a joint update from The PTFC Trust, The Jags Trust, and The Jags Foundation

As previously intimated, the Short Life Working Group met during December and put a paper to the Trustees by 31 December. This group was independently chaired and worked together well.

There has now been initial consideration of this by The Trustees, resulting in a few clarifications being required. The Short Life Working Group have met again to agree the responses to those clarifications.

Shortly, representatives from the Working Group will meet The Trustees to feedback these responses face to face, and conclude any further dialogue and queries.

In the spirit of co-operation and working together, once agreed,  this will then be presented to the Football Club Board to ensure that they have no further questions.

We expect this process to be complete by mid-February.

All fans groups involved would like to thank all members of the working group, the Trustees for their consideration and time, and the Club Board for their ongoing dialogue during this phase.

We also thank you all for your trust and patience, as we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on an appropriate fan ownership model for our club.