Today, The Jags Foundation and the PTFC Trust have issued the following statement:

Working Together: The PTFC Trust and The Jags Foundation

The PTFC Trust and The Jags Foundation met on Monday of this week and enjoyed a hugely positive and fruitful discussion from which both groups are aligned on delivering the very best fan ownership future for Partick Thistle FC.

The meeting was agreed on the basis that nothing was off the table for discussion, and that all in attendance would strive to look forward, find common ground and commit to work together to speed the phase of change for the betterment of all supporters and the club.

With those goals met, a new Working Together commitment agreed at the meeting covers the following short-term objectives:

  1. Immediately establishing a Working Group to bring other Thistle supporting stakeholder groups to the table to fully involve them in the club’s fan ownership future.

  2. The Trust and Foundation will work together with and through the working group. It will be asked to make recommendations to the PTFC Trust no later than 31st December, about how to improve the fan ownership model. It will also recommend any changes that need to be made to the Trust deed to deliver that model. This timeline will bring clarity and certainty for the Club and provide the strongest possible platform for a successful 2023 on and off the pitch.

  3. That there will be a collective effort from the Trust and TJF, which all other supporter groups and fans of the club are encouraged to join, to maximise the attendance and atmosphere at the next fixture of the men’s first team at home to Ayr United on Saturday 17 December.

As the PTFC Trust and The Jags Foundation build on Monday’s positive discussion and Working Together agreement, supporters will be kept fully informed on the progress of these initial key objectives, the next steps for the Working Group as well as other matters discussed at the meeting.

Neil Drain of the PTFC Trust said:

“Following a productive meeting on Monday evening, The PTFC Trust are delighted to be involving all fan groups in the development of a fan ownership model which best suits the Club and its supporters.

Securing the shares has always been the starting point for PTFC Trust. We are determined to accelerate the delivery of a democratic voice for all fans in the Club they love.

We thank TJF for their valued input on Monday and are greatly optimistic that this will be a long and fruitful working relationship.”

Sandy Fyfe, Chair of TJF, said:

“Our fan ownership journey has been a rocky road to this point. But we saw a clear and positive change of outlook earlier this week. There was alignment of purpose in the room, and a real spirit of compromise on all sides.

There is a willingness to work together and a commitment to do right, both by each other’s group and by the Club we all love.

The conversations and agreed actions have convinced us that a meritorious version of fan ownership can be delivered by working together. We thank the trustees for their openness and co-operation.”