The Jags Foundation Board are today delighted to confirm that, with immediate effect, Gavin Taylor has been appointed to the Board of Partick Thistle Football Club. 

This is another important step towards Partick Thistle becoming a fan owned club with the transfer of shares scheduled to take place in June 2022. 

Gavin’s appointment to the Board of Partick Thistle during this transitional period prior to The Jags Foundation (TJF) becoming the majority shareholder will allow TJF to gain a better understanding of how the club is run and how it will be best placed to fulfil its obligations as the majority shareholder. 

Said Gavin; 

“I was pleased to be nominated by The Jags Foundation board for this role and even more proud to have the Board accept me as a Director. My family has a long connection to the Club and I am honoured to carry on the tradition of service to the Club.

“As The Jags Foundation progresses toward securing the majority shareholding, I pledge I will do all I can to build trust and stability between the club and TJF in my new role.”

You can sign-up to be a member of TJF via the link below: 

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