We are aware, by virtue of several hundred automatic replies, that someone, or something, attempted to send emails purporting to be from our main contact email address, between the hours of 1am and 3am last night.

If you received any emails purporting to be from The Jags Foundation, we would be grateful if you could provide a screenshot of its contents, and then disregard it. It did not come from us.

We have taken all precautions advised by our web team and they are investigating to establish exactly what has happened and will provide a further update, if required.

UPDATE [13:18 23rd August 2022]

As best we can gather, this was a bot which had sought to “spoof” our email address (while using a VPN to avoid traceability). When this happens, a different email address sends the email, but it appears as though it has come from our own when people read an email. The email in question appears to have been a classic “419 scam”. Our web team have taken steps to prevent a repeat of this spoofing.

The attack having been one of this kind, we do not believe that any correspondence or personal information has been compromised, but we will keep the matter closely under review and let you know if we receive further information changing our understanding of this.