Very sad news reaches us of the passing of 86 year old Bill Pettet.

Bill was a Jags man through and through. Many of us will have seen him in the Jackie Husband stand or in the lounge before home matches, or even on his occasional sojourn to hospitality.  He was an enthusiastic champion of the club at every turn.

We are about to start a campaign running quotes about the future under fan ownership from fans and ex players and had contacted Bill prior to his passing, who had this to say.

“I believe PTFC is not just a football club. It is a way of life for many, a meeting place , a support group for all like minded football fans. It has always been easy to follow a team winning trophies but try 60 years of supporting one team through thick and thin. We have seen the highs of 1971 and the lows of collection buckets at the gates. We have always looked forward to match days  where the result is secondary to catching up with friends and family . The club is a community within communities. These are the foundations a great club is built upon. This is fantastic opportunity for fans to support and have a say in the running of  the club and secure PTFC for future generations to come.

We believe this sums up what The Jags Foundation is all about most perfectly, and we hope to deliver on the hopes and expectations of a true fan of our football club, and a member of our community.  There can therefore be no better way to commence our campaign than with this quote.

The thoughts of all at The Jags Foundation are with Bill’s family. He was red and yellow to the end and will be sadly missed.