We are delighted to announce we have now received 1189 registers of interest in The Jags Foundation. We are very pleased with this from a standing start and thank you to everyone for registering.

A key thing in increasing numbers further will be support from various sources.

Support from the club is obviously crucial, and we were delighted that the club recently released a statement as follows :

“In November 2019, Colin Weir bought a majority shareholding in Partick Thistle, with the express intent of gifting those shares at no cost to fans. He encouraged them to come together to create a suitable organisation that could work with his company, Three Black Cats, to ensure a smooth handover of shares while preserving the stability of the Club.

“Sadly, Colin’s untimely death and then Covid slowed down the process. But work continued in the background, culminating in the launch of The Jags Foundation (TJF) in January. To date, 900 fans have signed up and that’s a testament to all the hard work of the team behind TJF. It’s important that as many fans as possible get involved, so check out The Jags Foundation and sign up to play your part in realising Colin’s dream.”

The statement was headed ‘Realising the Dream’, and this was of course the dream of Colin Weir; but it would be wonderful to be able to realise all our own dreams whilst fulfilling his as well.