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Six nominations were received from among the beneficiaries by the PTFC Trust for the two elected Fan Representative Club Board positions.

Beneficiaries of the PTFC Trust have been sent information about how to cast their ballot, and voting will open on Wednesday 22nd May. All ballots must be cast no later than 10pm BST on Wednesday 29th May 2024.

If you are a beneficiary but have not received the email with your Voter ID and Voter Key, email

You can find the list of candidates, complete with personal statements, below.

Charles Kerr Bryson

I have been a Jags fan for over 50 years, I am an engineer and worked for 50 years in the Oil & Gas sector, I managed a team of engineers and travelled the world negotiating contracts with some of the world’s largest companies.

I was also a Trustee Director of the company’s Pension Scheme for 12 years.

I am now retired and am a member of my local Community Council. My skills are in negotiation, communication, fiduciary, people management and business development. My application to join the Club Fan Board is to help ensure the growth and sustainability of PTFC, and that the fans experience is appropriately considered in all Board decisions.

I am a recreational cyclist and a bowler in my local club. C’mon the Jags.

Alistair Gray

I’ve been a Thistle Supporter for Many A Day. I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder continuously since 1972. Main Stand, Shed, Golden Thistle and now Jackie Husband.

I’m 62 and recently retired from a fairly successful business career. I’ve held the posts of Managing Director, Company Secretary and Chairman in several Companies, all as Majority Shareholder. No failures.
I was born 3 miles from Firhill and currently live 3 miles from Firhill (but not in the same place!)

I think I can contribute to the forward progress of the Club by helping to ensure that the following objectives are pursued:

  • Maintain and enhance the ethos of the Club, and keep a weather eye on governance.
  • Improve the income, profitability, solvency and general financial well-being of the Club while aiming for a playing budget to meet the aspirations of the fan base.
  • Seek to increase the fan base both domestically and further afield, including the maximum utilisation of online media opportunities, therefore increasing long-term revenue.
  • Investigate the opportunities for substantial further investment while always maintaining the principle of “majority fan owned”.

I own several Thistle scarves and ties, but no bunnet. I don’t usually wear a suit but could if required.

John Kane

I have decided to stand for election as the fans representative on the PTFC board as l believe I possess the skills, attributes and passion for the role.

I am 63 years old and have been retired for the last 2 years having worked in a number of senior roles within training and education in the public sector, and more recently been Managing Director of my own management consultancy business.

l have been involved in many boards and leadership groups during my career and understand what is required in a role such as this.

I also have experience of working with partnership organisations and understand the importance of building relationships with current and future partners and sponsors of Thistle.

I was born in Maryhill and lived there until I was 18 and have been watching Thistle since I was 5, attending games with my Dad including the ’71 cup final.

I have been a season ticket holder for 30 years and now attend home and away games with my sons Jordan and Josh.

I know many of the fans young and old, who attend home and away games and believe I have the ability to translate the views of the fans to the wider board ensuring we as fans have a strong challenging voice at boardroom level.

 Allan McGraw

As a lifelong Jags fan and advocate of fan ownership, I view these fan representative positions as the next progressive step in our ownership journey. With early retirement, I now have the time and dedication to contribute effectively in this role.

Living in Bishopbriggs with my wife Yvonne, I proudly boast over 50 years of support for the Jags. Across three generations, my son, grandsons, and I hold season tickets to the Jags.

With a background as a Chartered Engineer and over 30 years in supervisory & senior management positions, I bring expertise in performance, contract, and financial management, alongside leadership of high-performing teams and change projects.

Having previously served on The Jags Foundation board, I’ve volunteered for the past 15 months supporting the club’s administrative and sales tasks in the Firhill offices 2-4 days per week.

My vision is for PTFC to thrive as a fan-owned club, cherished by many and admired by all, ensuring its legacy for future generations.

I pledge to champion fan ownership, placing fan representation at the core of board decisions and strategy. I seek your support and trust with your vote. I won’t let you down.

‘Mon the Jags

Garry Murray

Hello, my name’s Gary Murray. I am 36 years old, married to Louise and have 5 children.

I’m not sure I was ever going to be anything other than a Thistle fan given that my mother, Carol McCabe, and my grandpa, Bobby Briggs, of Save the Jags, are lifelong supporters.

I rarely miss a game, home or away. travelling on the north west supporters bus for away games. Like so many of us, Thistle is my escape, win, lose or draw.

I would welcome your vote to represent you on the board. We love Thistle and want what’s best for the club. I’m open to doing new things new ways while making sure we protect the heart of the club. With friends across the fanbase, young and old, I would always be happy to listen to fellow fans’ views, including any positive or negative comments, ideas, wishes and dreams and take those views back to fellow Trustees to get answers or take actions.

I also have my own ideas on how we could improve the stadium and matchday experiences. I’d dedicate all the time needed to do this important role and I would give it my all from the start.

Stephen Silver

I, along with my son, have been an involved Jags fan since 1999. Living outwith Glasgow I support-as a season ticket holder- home and away.

My background is Legal – for 45 years as managing and senior partner running a commercial practice. I was also a Public Company Board Member and Anti-drug Chaperone at the European Championships.

I believe that this practical involvement and the experience and expertise gained would be of benefit to the current Board.

Now retired I see my role as an active Board member being available to contribute regularly.

This is the optimum time for PTFC to move forward again in its growth fueled by two so successful and exciting years.

The fan base is there as shown recently. Success will breed success. We can achieve this under the current management philosophy both on and off the pitch.

I am a family man, have many interests – with sport at the top – I even have a sense of humour!

I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the future of this Great Club.

Our Club, Our Future, Our Hands